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An online video about Chris Biro and his Pirate Parrots!

Online Video - August 8, 2012 - am live

Great Article about our education program: Parrots delight on fair's final day

Newspaper Article - July 23, 2012
Mail Tribune

Hi Chris! My family and I saw you and your amazing birds at the L.A. County Fair, Pomona CA. on Labor Day weekend this year. I was blown away! What a treat to see somebody care so much about their birds, and equally interested in educating the public. Thank You for sharing those amazing birds. I hope to see you again next year. God Bless You.

September 17, 2011

Just wanted to say how much my family and I enjoyed your show yesterday. I hope to see you again somewhere. You have a great gift,awesome it being used. Hugs,

Anita - August 19, 2011

We really enjoyed your show at the CCF, really loved the little ones collecting the dollars. That alone was worth the price of admission.

Dave Kellogg - August 17, 2011

Hello, I saw your show today at the Southwest Washington Fair. You and your birds were great!!! Keep on going, everyone loves you guys! Thanks

Kacie - August 16, 2011

We just saw the pirate show at the Clark County Fair, and LOVED it! Can you provide their schedule? I would like to tell family members where to find them. Thanks,

Cheryl - August 16, 2011

Thank you so much for appearing at the Clark County Fair. My family and I attended you informative show three times during your stay. It was very educational and that was the best pat of the show. Your humor and patience was much appreciated. Your message about recycle was great and how you came across with it was excellent. Pulling no punches and showing that the consequences of not recycling are deadly are just what the general public needs. Rough crowd that was on the last day, with the children crowding the stage during your show was upsetting. How your response to a child about Home School was totally misunderstood. Having a elementary school teacher in our home, my family knew exactly what you had meant. NO WORRIES o.k. Once again your show was amazing and we hope to see you again next year. Sincerely,

The Howard family - August 15, 2011

Hi Chris,
Both my kids and I absolutely enjoyed your Pirate Show at the Clark County Fairgrounds on Friday it was definitely the highlight of the day for us!….they enjoyed it so much that my ex, their dad, took them back today just to see your show specifically….. Your show is exceptional in the fact that not only is it interactive, and informative, with regards to care of the variety of beautiful exotic birds, it is also an environmentalist’s aspect on extinction and how we can all help in some way to prevent it…..

My cell phone was filled to capacity on Friday with so many of your beautiful birds…..and of course you the handsome Pirate! I’m wondering if I could have your permission to either sculpt or paint from the photos I took of you…..the one I especially like that I took that day has a little conure on top of your Pirate hat and two others in your hands…..I’ll have to text it to you.

Denise Hollar-Hambrook - August 14, 2011
Western, Native American & Wildlife Art

Hello Chris and friends,
I saw your show at the Lincoln County Fair (July 2008) in Newport, Oregon and couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed. I actually embarrassed myself by coming on stage but thankfully recovered by answering your question about what makes parrots different from other birds “correctly.” I guess that ornithology class in college did pay off! Anyway I too have an affinity for birds and subsequently made a career of educating the public about wildlife in general but with particular emphasis on birds. As such I have seen my share of scary pet shops, poorly run bird shows and worse…multiple owners of parrots who don’t know the first thing about proper bird care. It’s regrettable and upsetting to say the least. Well when I came to the fair to see the poultry judging I immediately heard some parrots calling and followed the sound to your set. I looked at my husband in despair and said “great another abusive bird show.” I promptly left for another part of the fair but he decided to stay to see the show. After a half hour I returned to meet up with him to leave and he pulled me aside and told me I should really watch this show, it was good. Really good and educational too. So I hung back and watched for a few minutes, especially the birds. It was obvious they were healthy and had a bond with you. A heartening sign that you knew what you were doing up there and a great relief to me. When you asked the question about what makes a parrot different from other birds I knew an answer but wasn’t sure if that was what you wanted and I definitely didn’t want to do push-ups in front of an audience. But my husband and a friend encourage me to give it a try. I’m glad I did and I’m glad I hung around and watched the show. It was professional, educational, hands-on and I honestly felt you were weren’t “preaching to the choir” with your message about recycling and tropical rainforest destruction. It was, hands-down, the best and most informative presentation on parrots that I have ever seen. Major kudos to you and your crew. I wish you the best in your future and long-life and happiness for your flock.

Dawn - July 2008