Avian Training Flight Instruction

BRI offers unique experiential flight training programs for bird enthusiasts, bird owners and professional trainers.

Winging It Adventure Classes

Courses are presented by BRI flight trainers. Instructional programs focus on developing free flight training in the safest and most rewarding manner possible.

Course I – 2 Day Flight Training Class

This class is the “ground school” of pet parrot flight training. Topics include indoor flight skill development, training outdoor flight, how to fly using location levels 1-5, and understanding how parrot development stages relate to flight and why flight is important to pet parrots and aviculture.

Course II – Personal Flight Training With Your Bird

This is a five day outdoor flying program with a personal flight trainer. Students completing the 2 day Flight Training Class are eligible for this program. Course goals are to advance bird skills including developing basic flight skills needed to fly at higher level locations and flying as part of a flock.

Contact BRI for current course schedule or to arrange a course.