Avian Training Flight Instruction

BRI offers unique experiential flight training programs for bird enthusiasts, bird owners and professional trainers on our Liberty Wings website.

Personalized Full Free-Flight Skype Course

Our Full 20-hr Skype based training course will teach you the concepts you need to know and coach you through developing the skills to train your bird for free-flight. 

Private Skype Consultations

Need to have a one-on-one private conversation with Bird Trainer Chris Biro? Chris offers these individual private sessions for those who are progressing well with their training but just need a few pointers or questions answered.

2-hr sample Free-Flight Class

Get a feel for what the full Skype course will be like with this 2-hour sample video! It’s a great way to see if the full course will work for you.  You will need to have a YouTube account and be signed into it to view the sample video.

Chris Comes To You

The Instructor Works With You And Your Bird

Get Chris Biro’s undivided attention for a full week of private instruction at your location!