Our Purpose Through Education

BRI works to engage and educate the public, bird enthusiasts, aviculturalists, scientists, and researchers on issues related to helping protect endangered bird species.

BRI’s educational programs take many forms beginning with public outreach through seasonal state and county fair educational parrot shows and exhibits. These programs focus on introducing the public to bird physiology and behavior, human-pet interaction, how species become endangered, examples of threatened species, and BRI programs helping save endangered birds. This program reaches more than one hundred thousand people every year.

Other BRI educational efforts include:

Speaking at national parrot conferences exposes general parrot owners to advanced animal training theories and techniques and BRI conservation work.

Animal Clues school programs introduces children to parrots and parrot conservation with demonstrations of speech and free-flying parrots.

Free-flight training classes educate parrot owners about flight training and parrot behavior, basic and advanced training theory and techniques and how to raise a bird to be a wonderful pet.

And most recently our publishing peer reviewed scientific papers helps expand parrot conservation knowledge among conservation scientists working with parrots.