Our Vision


Vision for Our Work

A critical first step in protecting threatened and endangered bird species is population stabilization.

Finding Solutions to the Habitat Crisis

All too often, endangered bird species are identified and studied, but inadequate actions are implemented to increase existing populations, with the results that species are lost forever.

Stabilizing endangered bird species above critical population thresholds essentially “buys time”, allowing for longer-term protection strategies, such as habitat conservation, to be developed and implemented.

Traditional bird re-introduction efforts do not always succeed because of poor bird survivability. As such, re-introduction is not used as often, or as successfully, as it could be to help stabilize endangered populations.

However, bird re-introduction programs can be a successful tool in stabilizing threatened bird population, provided these efforts incorporate age appropriate behavior based domestic preparation strategies and techniques to increase survivability to breeding age. These strategies encompass breeding, training, and release efforts, and form the basis for BRI work.