BRI works to engage and educate the public, bird enthusiast, aviculturalists, scientists, and researchers on issues related to helping protect endangered bird species.

BRI’s educational programs take many forms beginning with public outreach through seasonal state and county fair shows and exhibits. These programs focus on public introduction to bird physiology and behavior, human-pet interaction, how species become endangered, examples of threatened species, and programs and methods for helping save endangered birds. This program reaches more than one hundred thousand people every year.

Other BRI educational efforts include:

  • Presentation of research, training and scientific papers.
  • Guest lecture for scientific, aviculture and other groups.
  • Talks and flight demonstrations for groups and organizations.
  • Open enrollment bird seminars and flight training courses.
  • Distribution of educational and project reports

Read what people have to say about our educational outreach and entertainment program – The Pirate’s Parrot Show!

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