Our Projects

Sun Conure project in Guyana

We have officially started the Sun Conure project we are putting together with our partners at The Smithsonian Institute and Texas A & M. Click on animalclue.com to view the project. Distribution and population Aratinga solstitialis is restricted to...

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Thick-billed parrot project in Arizona

BRI has been working to set up a Thick-billed parrot research project in Arizona. We have obtained 4 Thick-billed parrots and placed them in captive breeding programs with respected breeders, each having bred Thick-billed parrots before and contributed to the...

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Scarlet Macaw Project in Honduras

Every week we are making progress with our ecotourism project to repopulate Northern Honduras with Scarlet Macaws. The scarlet macaw from Honduras is a large bird with a broad yellow band across its wings with blue tips to the yellow feathers at the edge of the yellow...

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