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Hidalgo County Herald, Friday January 24, 2014
January 30, 2014

Rodeo resident works to educate the public about his feathered friends



It is not unusual to find a striking Scarlet Macaw pruning his massive wings on Chris Biro’s shoulder these days. When he walks to the mailbox in town, a small bevy of bright yellow Conures follow him – they swirl and swoop, before lighting on his outstretched arm, or sometimes, atop his head.

The man at- tracts birds like a ‘pied-piper’ of aviculture.

Biro, a showman and parrot trainer by profession, would like to show people both the joys and responsibilities of parrot ownership. And he teaches the importance of science in understanding the daily interactions with this amazing exotic bird. There is, he says, an ‘effective’ approach in this field — where the physical and biological issues work in tandem with the emotional welfare and intelligence of the birds. …

Read the entire article here: Herald January 24, 2014 P10

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