Free Flight Demo 10/23

Free Flight Demo 10/23

Arizona Seedcrackers have a great day planned on October 23rd at Papago Park, AZ! BBQ starts at 12pm and the free flight demonstration at about 1:30 with time afterwards for questions. Children’s activities and live entertainment also provided! Come join the fun!

Las Vegas Renaissance Festival 10/7 – 10/9

The Pirate’s Parrot Show is a Fun, Educational, and Interactive experience for all ages and cultures. This informative show comes complete with a large variety of parrots from around the world, “real” pirates, an authentic Pirate Ship display, and delightful speech and freeflight performances. Each year, 30-50 thousand people from across the country are amazed and delighted to safely hold and pet these parrots.

L.A. County Fair 9/3 – 10/2

Man’s best friend may be a dog, but a pirate’s best friend is a parrot. Why else would they be carried around on their owner’s shoulder all the time? Be sure to stop by the “authentic” pirate ship – trust me, you can’t miss it – to see these remarkable birds in flight. Watch in amazement as a variety of colorful parrots from around the world demonstrate their abilities to perform tricks and take part in free-flight performances.Don’t miss the opportunity to see these amazing birds up close and personal.